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A’Live Experiences (Formerly known as Spearmint Events from 2006-2022) is an Artist, Event, Wedding and Record Label management firm, headquartered in Delhi. Since 2006, A’Live Experiences has provided extensive Event-related expertise from scratch and has worked towards achieving client satisfaction. In the last 17 years, A’Live Experiences has nurtured trust with its clients, with more than 1000+ private and corporate events to date. A’Live Experiences currently has 12+ exclusive bands signed namely The BollyJammers Aquabeats, Filmee, Beats of Rajasthan, Kashh, Sufiyat, Bang Dudes, and Dastaan. In 2017, with the rise of The BollyJammers, A’Live Experiences opened up a new category/genre for live performances, “DJ Based Band” and went on to achieve success with new bands in its wide range of spectrum covering almost every live music genre from SUFI, Devotional to DJ Based Rock bands.

Bands associated with A’Live Experiences has been at the forefront of many awards to its name, for their ‘top notch’ entertainment. EEMA ZONAL SPOTLIGHT AWARDS 2020 MOST SUCCESSFUL ARTIST, WEDDING SUTRA INFUENCER AWARDS 2022 BEST LIVE ENTERTAINERS FOR WEDDINGS, EMF GLOBAL ACE EGYPT 2022 GOLD AWARDS FOR THE BEST ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR, BITA 2022 MOST POPULAR LIVE BAND, WOW LIVE QUOTIENT AWARDS 2022 BEST BAND FOR WEDDINGS AND SOCIAL EVENTS …and many more such prestigious awards have been won by our bands. A’Live Experiences has its own Record Label as well, which has helped many artists to realize and achieve their true potential.

A’Live Experiences works towards achieving more such grandeur and our focus is to build greater understanding with our clients in fulfilling their Event specific expectations.

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